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Staying Safe Online

We have recently been made aware of a number of children in our school having active social media accounts (on sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.).


Though most websites do specify that people must be 13 years of age or older before having an account, we do realise that some children (sometimes with parent approval) will have one anyway.


We fully believe in helping children to use the internet as a tool to communicate and create, so long as this is done safely.


We had an assembly today to remind children in Y4 - Y6 of a few simple ways to stay safe online:


  1. Try not to use your real name (even when parents know you go online).
  2. Don't do anything to show where you live or go to school (including wearing school uniform).
  3. Think carefully before making personal comments, especially negative ones, about people you know in real life. Talk to each other in person - it's much easier!
  4. Remember that nearly anyone can see much of what is posted online and they might even download it to keep/edit.
  5. Never meet people you chat to online and be careful about giving away personal information. This includes on XBox and Playstation accounts too.


Finally, try your best to keep at least some parts of your life private - think of how uncomfortable you may be if someone you do not want to watches your videos or reads your posts, even those you created a long time ago.


Our advice follows the sensible suggestions set out by CEOP. For more information please check out their website.


Have fun online but STAY SAFE!