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Covid Catch-up premium

Catch-up Premium



The government has allocated £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up following the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown. This includes a catch-up and recovery premium for the 2021-2022 academic year to ensure that schools have the support they need to help all pupils make up for lost teaching time. Schools' allocation will be calculated on a per pupil basis, providing each mainstream school with a total of £80 for each pupil in years reception through to 11. Schools have the flexibility to spend their funding in the best way for their cohort and circumstances. Our school has the following spend available:  

Funding StreamCarry forward2021-2022 allocation
Catch up premium       £9,900£7,130
Covid recovery fundingn/a£15,950
Total spend £33,080



Our rationale as a school is to focus on quality first teaching through a broad and stimulating curriculum. This will be supplemented by same-day interventions and a focus on pupil mental health and wellbeing.



  • Extending the school day via subject specific booster classes
  • Additional day of Kalmer Counselling support to go from 2 days per week to 3
  • In class enrichment activities to enhance the current Caedmon curriculum
  • School staff used to cover classes rather than using supply cover
  • Daily breakfast in classes for all children via an extended school day
  • School week extended by approximately 3 hours since September 2020
  • Specific intervention programmes led by Teachers and Teaching Assistants
  • Same day in-class interventions (pre and post teaching)
  • A broad and engaging curriculum that focuses on vocabulary acquisition
  • Development of a bespoke Mental Heath & Wellbeing checklist for teachers to gather information and provide specific support to children
  • Bespoke in-house CPD for teaching and support staff
  • Purchase of schemes written by specialists to support with subject specific CPD  


Monitoring and Evaluation

In order to ensure our approach is having an impact, the following will take place:

  • Weekly meetings with allocated Kalmer Counsellors
  • Observations of booster and intervention sessions
  • Weekly SLT meetings with Catch-up Funding as a standing agenda item
  • Termly pupil progress meetings
  • Regular teacher assessments
  • In-house data analysis
  • Governor pupil premium scrutiny meeting to have Covid catch-up premium as a standing agenda item
  • Pupil and parent questionnaires regarding pre and post-Covid recovery