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Frequently Asked Questions

Our website contains a lot of information. To make your life a little bit easier, please check below to see if we can direct you to what you may be looking for instead of having to call the school office...



I'm looking for someone specific: can you help me?


A full staff list is available; you might consider looking at our Class pages for more information once you've found who you're looking for.




Where can I find dates for each term, school trips, non-uniform days and the like?


We update our calendar regularly with any upcoming events as soon as they are booked in.


Term dates can be found here, along with additional information about our positive approach to regular attendance.


We do also send out regular letters, newsletters and text messages to try to ensure you get these dates in plenty of time.




How do I order school uniform?


Check here for further information and to download an order form.




Where can I find specific information about my child's class, such as when homework is due or which days they will need their PE/swimming kit?


Our Class pages are updated for the start of every academic year (and amended to reflect any changes as the year goes on).




What kinds of things do you teach the children in each year group?


We have a full breakdown of our approach to each of the curriculum areas. Class pages include some additional information and we also have a school prospectus which may answer some of the questions you might have.




Caedmon is a funny name for a school. What's that all about?


Caedmon was an early Northumbrian poet, his only surviving piece of work being a nine-line piece designed to be sung. If you're ever in school, I'm told Mr. Wisby recites a rather charming Latin version (if you ask nicely).




My question hasn't be answered here. What should I do?


There is a search bar under the story chair on the main page or you could browse the different menus.  Failing that (or if you just need to hear a human voice), you could actually call the office or pop in and ask us.