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Languages (Spanish)

Subject Leader: Miss Glen


Subject Role

The National Curriculum (2014) sees modern foreign languages as a vital part of our understanding of the world. It focuses not only on written and spoken communication in another language but also develops children’s awareness of other cultures. It also aims to prepare children for further language learning in their secondary education and possible opportunities for study and work abroad in their adult lives. 


Modern Foreign Languages at Caedmon

At Caedmon, we are proud of our multicultural community and strive to provide as many opportunities as possible for children to learn about other cultures. Learning a modern foreign language plays a vital role in developing children’s awareness of another part of the world and we firmly believe that learning another language gives children a new and broader perspective on the world. 



Language learning not only develops communication skills, but also expands children’s acceptance of other cultures ad appreciation of difference. We have chosen Spanish as our taught language; in conjunction with our Geography curriculum, children will explore the language, culture and characteristics of Spain and be able to compare these with their own experiences. 


Our Spanish lessons will develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, whilst also fostering curiosity and enthusiasm about the subject. We will support children to develop their ability to express themselves in Spanish in both speech and writing and respond to words and phrases that they hear and read. We will provide children with practical contexts in which they can use what they have learned, supported by the teaching of relevant vocabulary. Our children take part in language learning throughout Key Stage 2, building the foundations required to be successful linguists as they make the transition to secondary school. Our pupils value the opportunity to learn a subject that supports their communication with others from around the world and feel that it provides them with good foundations for their future language learning.