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Every Friday morning, we hold a special assembly for all members of our school. We use this as a time to reflect on the previous week, share the wonderful things members of our school have achieved and think about what the next week might bring.


As part of this assembly there are a number of awards that can be handed out to nominated children.


Weekly Awards


Both of these awards are handed out weekly, with one of each for every class in our school.


Monster Point Winner

Children at Caedmon can earn (and lose) 'Monster Points' for positive and negative behaviours in class and around school. These points are awarded by members of staff. Each class keeps a running total. At the end of the week, the person with the highest number of Monster Points (minus deductions) is the overall winner. They receive a prize from the treasure chest in Mr. Wisby's room, a certificate and a point for their school family.


Power of the Letter

This is chosen by teachers and awarded to children who have made an exceptional effort over the previous week. It can be for a wide variety of reasons: being incredibly helpful, producing consistently excellent work, setting a good example to others and many, many more. The letter (signed by Mr. Wisby), is intended to give the children 'power' when they take it home - that their parents may have something to read that tells them how proud Caedmon is of their child and to encourage them to feel extra-special because of this.


Occasional Awards


We have a number of other awards children can be nominated to receive during the celebration assembly. Not every award is handed out every week - it is only when they are appropriate for the achievements of the children.


Champion Child

Similar to 'Power of the Letter', a Champion Child is someone who has been making an exceptional effort in school over the previous week. However, instead of a letter to take home, they receive praise and recognition in school as they become a 'Champion Child' belt-holder.


Shakespeare's Pencil

This is awarded specifically for high-quality writing, either in any one lesson or over the course of an entire week.



Well-developed Maths skills never go to waste. From creative problem-solving to solid number work, all areas of Maths can be recognised with this award.


Scientist of the Week

By demonstrating excellent Science knowledge or developing specific skills, children at Caedmon can qualify themselves to be 'Scientist of the Week'.


Safety Certificate

Keeping children safe is very important and including the children in this process is even more so. The Safety Certificate can be handed out for anything that may have taken place that has helped keep our school as secure as it can be, so that everyone else can concentrate on their learning.