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We are delighted to be able to share with you the outcome of our latest Ofsted inspection, which took place on Thursday 11th January 2018. The inspector spent time talking to staff, meeting Governors, meeting children to discuss their learning and ask their opinions about school. The inspector also spent a considerable amount of time with me watching lessons and having in-depth discussions about Caedmon.


The most important people in the school - the children - were heavily praised by the Ofsted inspector. She commented on the quality of work in the children’s books and their excellent attitude towards their learning. Behaviour around school, particularly in lessons, was recognised as being exemplary.


Next steps for the school:


After any inspection, regardless of the outcome, schools are given areas for further development: we feel these are reasonable and had already been identified internally prior to the inspection. Our job now is to continue to work towards the next steps listed in the report. We feel they are all very achievable in a very short time scale.


What does this mean for Caedmon?


This Ofsted inspection means that Ofsted continue to be very satisfied with the standards at Caedmon. We will now be due for our next inspection in the next three years


Grades from the previous report have been maintained.


I can confirm that the grades from the previous inspection in 2012 have been maintained. Those grades were:


Achievement of pupils: Good

Quality of teaching: Good

Behaviour and safety of pupils: Outstanding

Leadership and management: Outstanding


Thank you for your ongoing support. The questionnaires completed by parents gave the inspector valuable insights and the parents she spoke to heavily supported the work of the school.

Something that stood out to myself and the staff was the appreciation expressed by parents about the work of the school. One of our most important aims, as a school, is to be one which welcomes all children and families, not only supporting children to reach their full potential but also helping parents and families in all aspects of their lives. We pride ourselves on giving time and support to people when they need our help and we are thankful that you as parents recognise this and shared this with the inspector on the day. I am very proud to work with the staff, children and families in this community. One of our favourite quotes from the inspection letter is,


‘Families see Caedmon as the heart of the community and particularly appreciate the support they receive from the school when they are experiencing challenging personal circumstances’.


With this in mind, if you ever do have any concerns, class teachers and senior leaders in school are able to support both the children and you as parents/carers in most situations. If you do continue to have a concern please come and see me. I will endeavour to see you as quickly as possible or arrange another suitable time to talk.


We are looking forward to working with you for many years to come and continuing our drive to make Caedmon the best it can be.


Kind Regards,


Mr C Wisby

Head Teacher

Ofsted School Inspection Reports

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