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We are pleased to share with you our current Ofsted report. The process was very detailed and rigorous, and we are very pleased that the inspectors thought so highly of our school. I would like to thank all those who took part in the inspection, staff, governors, parents, and pupils alike. The opening sentence captures the school that we have built together as a community.

“Pupils thrive in this wonderfully inclusive school. They are particularly accepting of others with respect at the heart of the school’s ethos. This is evident in the strong relationship between staff and pupils”.


Before the inspection we had the opportunity to submit a school self-evaluation and although we were encouraged to grade ourselves as ‘outstanding’ in some areas we were more than happy to grade ourselves as good in all areas.

The school’s grading is ‘Good’, a benchmark that is high under the current Ofsted framework. We are very pleased that the hard work undertaken by all in the school community has been recognised but we are equally as proud of some parts of the school that aren’t measured in an Ofsted report. We put a high value on making decisions with what is right for our children and the community we serve.

As a school, we were particularly proud that our ‘parent view’ was extremely positive and the inspectors recognised that school staff go above and beyond to support our families. Here at Caedmon, we pride ourselves on our strong relationships and that was evident from the responses we received.

We received the following results from 67 responses:

My child is happy at school - 93% strongly agree, 7% agree,

My child feels safe at this school – 96% strongly agree, 4% agree,

The school makes sure pupils are well behaved – 82% strongly agree, 18% agree,

My child has SEND and they succeed – 94% strongly agree, 6% agree,

Would I recommend this school to another parent – 100% yes.

The pupils represented themselves exceptionally and showed that they too are extremely proud of their school. They talked with confidence about their learning and could articulate how to keep themselves safe in the community. Their behaviour was exceptional and the showed that they have mutual respect and tolerance for one another.

Finally, we are delighted with all areas of the report and feel it represents the school that we have built. It matches the values we work towards each day and as mentioned before the high value we put upon quality of relationships and serving this wonderful community in the best way we can each day.


Ofsted School Inspection Reports

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