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Religious Education

Subject Leader - Mr Siddons


Subject Role

The Gateshead agreed syllabus for Religious Education (2018) sees RE as a means of preparing children for life in contemporary Britain, by giving them an understanding of the diverse and wide range of beliefs among the population. It is the right of all people to make these very personal choices and we must educate children to respect this and understand the different practices of faith among our community locally, nationally and globally. 


RE at Caedmon

Based in such a diverse and multicultural area, it is essential for our children at Caedmon Primary School to be aware and informed of the different religions that surround them. 



The intent of the RE strategy adopted at Caedmon is to support children in developing their understanding and knowledge of what shapes their lives and beliefs and also the lives and beliefs of their peers celebrating and promoting our differences as a school community.


Religious Education is taught throughout the school supporting the children to enquire for answers and acquire knowledge. As well as this, we try to imbed philosophical discussions and encourage children to question the why behind values and beliefs in such a way, that develop the ability to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues and enhance their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Our children have described RE as being ‘important because it teaches you about different cultures.’ We celebrate our multicultural cohort at Caedmon Primary School and children enjoy talking about their different beliefs in school ‘I like telling my class about my culture and religion and helping the teacher!’.