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At Caedmon Primary School we have a pro-active school council consisting of 16 children in each new academic year. Children elect a boy and a girl from each year group during September. We then choose two Head Teacher 'wild card' choices from Year 6 each year. This means in every year there are four Year 6 representatives. Once a child has represented their class mates on the council, they are not allowed to be put forward again for election. Therefore, by the time each class leaves at the age of 11, over half of the class has been fortunate enough to represent their peers. It enables a higher percentage of each class to have had the opportunity to be part of the school council by the time they leave Caedmon Primary.


The school council take part in the following activities: write their own self evaluation form, write an action plan to help them achieve their aims, decide upon how some of the school budget is spent, help senior teachers make decisions about improving the school, meet with the full governing body throughout the year and they have also helped appoint new members of staff including the current Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher.


At the end of each year, the school council travel to London for a day and visit the following places: Number 10 Downing Street, House of Lords, House of Commons, Buckingham Palace, Rain Forest Cafe for lunch and any other places the children wish to visit.


This visit has several functions. Firstly, it helps the children understand about parliamentary procedure and how Parliament represents the same election and representation process as the school council. Additionally, it raises the profile of the school council across the school, with the potential visit increasing the numbers of children who wish to put themselves forward for election. Finally, the trip is also a 'thank you' to the children who have worked so hard through the year helping make Caedmon the best school it can be, Children often give up their play times and lunchtimes to be part of meetings. As always, we will be visiting London once more this coming June.


What it's like to be on the School Council


Check back soon for comments from our newly elected 2018/19 school council members...