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Physical Education

Here at Caedmon, we strive to make sure Physical Education is taught to an excellent standard, with enjoyment at the heart of our ethos. Physical Education provides an understanding of sport and health through play, competitive sport, high quality curriculum provision and out-of-hours learning.


Children are encouraged to be at the centre of their own learning and improve upon previous accomplishments by evaluating their own performance and the performance of others. Our Physical Education curriculum consists of; creative movement, gymnastics, games, athletics, outdoor and indoor adventurous activities and swimming in line with National Curriculum (2014) requirements.


Physical Education at Caedmon


Physical education at Caedmon adopts a holistic approach and provides children with a fundamental and unique opportunity to develop physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially through their participation in a range of physical activities. At Caedmon, we adopt a positive and proactive approach to physical activity and healthy living across the school, which is reinforced to encourage and promote a long lasting relationship with sport and physical education for all. 


Our intentions are as follows:


  1. We aim to provide children with a high quality Physical Education curriculum, which is responsive to children’s diverse developmental needs and which ensures sufficient levels of challenge to encourage children to both enjoy the subject and excel.
  2. We promote a positive attitude towards Physical Education beginning in Early Years through to Year 6 and reinforce the importance of a healthy lifestyle based around physical activity.
  3. We aspire to ensure all children are given access to a wide range of sports and activities that allow them to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. We promote the importance of self-evaluation, feedback and performance as part of their physical literacy development.


Throughout their time at Caedmon, we want all children to develop a positive attitude of physical activity and health which stays with them throughout their lives and which inspires them to develop a life-long relationship with sport. Like learning how to read, developing good physical literacy is a progressive lifelong journey. Physical literacy is the foundation of physical education and school sport and through this positive experience children will become motivated, confident and competent, paving the way for a lifetime’s successful participation in physical activity.


Our Approach


At Caedmon we adopt a child-centered, positive approach, which is inclusive and available to all. We value highly the importance of PE and its impact upon children’s physical, psychological, emotional and social development as follows.




Children are given opportunities to engage with a wide range of physical activities through which they are able to develop the FUNdamental principles of Agility, Balance and Co-Ordination. Alongside which, children are able to develop their mastery of both fine and gross motor skills, formulate and master their ability to control their own bodies and to develop and understanding of a range of skills, techniques and increasingly complex range of movements as they progress through the school. Each these areas is then applied across a range of settings to support the mastery and physical development of each child as an individual. 




As part of our high quality Physical Education provision, children are given opportunities to develop psychologically through developing an understanding of more complex skills, techniques and movements. Through engaging in high quality physical education children also develop their psychological awareness and understanding of tactics, teamwork and more complex areas of performance.




As a result of our holistic approach the Physical Education Curriculum at Caedmon, children develop emotionally alongside physically. Through their involvement in team games, individual performances and self-evaluation, children learn the principles of winning and losing properly, develop self-confidence and resilience and also learn to take pride in their own achievements and the achievements of others. PE makes a valuable contribution to our schools ethos of developing the whole child and ensures children develop a positive self-image and a rounded understanding of the needs of others.




As a result of our approach to Physical Education, our children are provided with a rounded curriculum which offers and promotes social development through engaging and working with other children, developing both verbal and non-verbal communication, self-confidence, praise and the values of team work. Children become aware of their role within a team and also learn to work with others effectively to achieve specific targets.


Cross Curricular


Underpinning Physical Education at Caedmon is a strong cross-curricular approach whereby children are provided with cross curricular opportunities to integrate Literacy, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, ICT and PSED into their physical education curriculum. This integration develops children’s understanding of the valuable and interconnected contributions of each subject to their personal development throughout their time at Caedmon.




To supplement and support the high standard of Physical Education delivery within school, a number of specialist sports coaches will be deployed through various year groups to offer valuable knowledge and help to up-skill the existing knowledge of school staff.


Extra Curricular School Sport


In line with our positive approach to Physical Education, Health and School Sport, we offer a range of extra-curricular clubs including a Change 4 Life breakfast club and after school club, Football, Gymnastics, Dance, Netball and Basketball (to name but a few). Through engaging in these clubs children are given further opportunities to develop their Physical Education and personal development by taking part in Intra-School and Inter-School competitions. We encourage all parents and carers to embrace our positive approach to Physical Education, Health and School Sport as part of the overarching ethos of our school.




Physical Education is a ‘non-core’ subject, as stated in the 2014 National Curriculum. Each year, children are offered the chance to take part in a range of games, gymnastics, dance and athletic activities with their progress being assessed against the National Curriculum. Children’s successes will regularly be shared on the School Sport website and through regular communication with parents.


“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all a love of what you are doing or learning to do.” – Pele


Subject Leader: Miss Kaur