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Reception Round-Up

Reception have been busy this week with lots of different activities. In our literacy sessions The Colour Monster had made some labels to help him with tidying up - we read his labels and matched them to the correct objects, using our best Fred-talking. We then matched some labels in our books and lots of us had a go at writing our own labels for objects in the classroom.
We have met Numberblock 4 in our daily Maths sessions - he has helped us with our subitising and showed us how he can make lots of different shapes. We had a go at making some 4 pictures with some square stickers on Thursday. On Friday we used 4 beads to make different arrangements and compare how they were the same or different to our friends'.
Of course we've had lots of fun playing too - we got some new dinosaurs, cars and small world figures which we have had lots of fun with. Inside we have been exercising our fingers with some wool weaving cards and outside we have been building with the blocks and crates and have enjoyed exploring in the Nature Hub. We've also had a pumpkin tray to explore and a shape matching activity with a tray full of tins and lids.