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Caedmon Visit the Pantomime

Ask children in our school if there was anything unusual about Wednesday December 2nd 2015 and some would, quite rightly, say, "That was the day Gary Neville unexpectedly got the Valencia manager's job". If you ask them for more details however, they'd probably say, "Sorry, I can't remember - Mr. Wisby and the teachers took us to the pantomime that day and it was so exciting, everything other than that was a bit of a blur."


In what is now an annual tradition, the entire school put down their pens, pencils, chalk and quills to board a fleet of buses headed towards the Theatre Royal to see this year's performance of Dick Whittington.


The yearly extravaganza was enjoyed by all*. A series of semi-random events vaguely linked to the original story played themselves out, including songs, dancing, jokes about underwear, bouncing on a trampoline and slap-stick comedy.


The highlight for many seemed to be a 3D voyage under the sea. One creative Year 6 pupil, who does not wish to be named, realised that by wearing multiple pairs of the supplied 3D glasses he could enjoy the events in glorious 9D. When Sony cotton on to this idea and you see one of their 9D TVs on sale in next year's 'Black Friday' spectacular** remember where you heard it first!


Until next year...


*As the pictures clearly show.

** If this is still a 'thing' by then.