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Ofsted Reports

Our school was last inspected in November 2012. The full report (which can can be found at the bottom of this page) was extremely positive.


Our school has many strengths...


'Leadership and management are highly effective...'


'Great care is taken to carefully check the quality of teaching and the progress pupils make.'


'...effective training has raised the quality of teaching to be good with some that is outstanding.'


'Pupils make good progress in English and mathematics.'


'Attainment in English and mathematics has improved significantly to match national standards.'


'Pupils enjoy school and take great pride in it. They have excellent relationships with their teachers and with each other. As a result their behaviour is outstanding and this has a positive impact upon their learning and the progress they make.'


And we're working hard to make it even better:


'Increase the proportion of outstanding teaching in order to improve pupils’ achievement further [by] providing more opportunities for pupils to practise and improve their skills in reading, writing and mathematics through practical and investigative work, including activities in other subjects.'


We have a young, highly-motivated staff, keen to provide extremely stimulating lessons where all children (including our most-able pupils) can learn and make excellent progress. Take a look at the kinds of things we do within our Computing lessons for example: they often link in with other subjects, such as English, Geography and History. Teachers often work together to plan lessons that excite and intrigue all children, sharing ideas and their knowledge of what works. There are clear expectations as to the skills children should be proficient in at the end of each year group, taught by linking them to these fascinating ways of learning. After this high-quality input, the quality of the children's work, both in their books and in their discussions with others, is fantastic! We regularly work with other schools to compare the work our pupils produce and always find ourselves to be nothing short of exceptionally proud of our children's achievements.

This doesn't just include academic subjects either: we know that it's important our most talented pupils are given the chance to improve their skills and show others what they can do through public performances of productions such as Annie and The Lion King.

Ofsted School Inspection Reports

Our most recent data can be found within the relevant Department for Education Performance Tables.