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Welcome to our class page - we hope that you can find all you need to know about Nursery. 

My name is Mrs Deavin and I am the Nursery teacher this year. I am very lucky to have Mrs Darling and Mr Devlin working with me in Nursery too. We will be working together to support the children as they make their journey through their time with us. 


Nursery is an exciting time for children as they begin to form the foundations of their time at Caedmon. It is a time when children develop friendships, explore their own interests and learn new skills. Most importantly, we hope that they will enjoy their time in Nursery and feel happy and secure. 


Our classroom is well-resourced with lots of opportunities for your child to learn through play and exploration. Children can engage in imaginative role-play, creative activities, sensory play and physical outdoor learning. As well as specific areas of learning such as mathematics, literacy, art and design, and understanding the world, we aim to give children the opportunities to develop the fundamental, prime areas of learning such as personal and social skills, physical skills, and communication which enables them to develop skills to become confident learners.



My Special World


My Special World is a book that the children take home each Friday and return the following Monday. You and your child will work together to fill the book with information about your child, their likes and dislikes, special occasions, trips, family events etc. You can present the book however you wish, with photographs, drawings, tickets, stickers etc. Your child will then share the book with us at Nursery. If you need anything to help you complete the book, such as glue and pencils, or if you'd like to see an example of a My Special World book then please ask. 



Library Books


Each week children will choose a library book which they will bring home each week. We ask that you share the book with children at home and return the book each Monday or the start of their school week.





Mrs Deavin will not be in class on a Tuesday morning - during this time I will be completing planning, assessment and subject leadership. Mrs Hannon will cover the class during this time.




Although we appreciate that children love showing their toys, it is best that children do not being personal possessions into nursery if possible. In the past, children have lost or broken their toys and it can be very distressing for them. Our Nursery children become so good at tidying things away that toys can often disappear at tidy up time too! 



Working Together 

We want Nursery to feel like home from home for the children. We are looking forward to working with you all to develop strong links between home and school to ensure the best possible experiences for the children. We operate an open door policy so if you have any feedback, questions or concerns we are always available at the start and end of your child's Nursery session for a chat. 


We are really looking forward to getting to know you and your child during their time in Nursery and we are excited to see the progress the children make. We can't wait to share lots of wonderful moments with you all. 




Below is the link to the sound blending books. These are perfect for supporting your child with their phonics skills. Sharing books like these with your child regularly will support and develop their reading skills. If you are looking for different books to read to your child the links to these are also within the Read Write Inc page.