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Year 3's Exciting Visitors

Year 3 had a very exciting visit from some amazing animals from the rainforests around the world including: a Giant Millipede, a scorpion, some African cockroaches, an Australian carpet python, a leopard gecko and even a Brazilian tarantula called Tallulah!


During their visit we got to hold some of the animals (if we were brave enough...) and ask questions about each of our exotic visitors! We used our knowledge of the rainforest and the layers of the rainforest to impress our Zoolab ranger by telling him where each of the animals lived and their habitats.


We learned all about each of the animals, including how each animal is perfectly adapted to the unique surroundings of the rainforest and how they hunt and kill their prey. We had a great day meeting each of the amazing creatures…. we just hope none of them were left behind in our classroom!