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Wolfblood Premiere

Our school was lucky enough to receive ten tickets to the premiere of the new series of the popular CBBC TV show Wolfblood*.


From the Year 6 prefects (who have been working very hard this year to help improve our school) the fortunate few were picked at random to attend the event at the Baltic with the invitation to come 'dressed to impress', walking down the red carpet in style.


Everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching the never-before-seen first two episodes from the new series (which is filmed around Gateshead and Newcastle) before meeting some of the actors and being part of a question and answer session. Though it was a late night, it was well worth it for the children and staff.


*Some of you may know this series by its more popular name, The Blood of the Wolves - Iqra and Antonia made sure that I added that detail in if it wasn't clear.


Yes... Iqra and Antonia said to do that... surprise